dhs logo sketch

photo (2)Above is my personal logo sketch. Behind this design, my thinking process is as follows: I wanted to use all three initials in my name because I think my name is unique and stands out. With this in mind, I wanted to incorporate the “d”, “h”, and “s” together, so this sketch is the way I thought it looked the best. I chose to use lowercase letters because it is the only way I could incorporate the letters together next to one another without flipping them around. I like how the “d” and the “s” are the same size, but how the “h” is slightly bigger. I also like the type is curved; it adds a touch of gentleness. If I were to implement this sketch, I would make the “dhs” a little bolder. I would keep the “d”, “h”, and “s” in the full name the same blue color as the initials above it. Then I would make the remainders of my first, middle and last name white. Blue and white are Greek colors, and if you couldn’t tell from my name, my name is Greek.

2 thoughts on “dhs logo sketch

  1. I like the thought process behind your design. I think it is very clever how you combined the letters. If you were to implement this sketch, I don’t think you should make the initials bolder… I think if they were bolder it would be overwhelming and heavy feeling. It is a nice simple design and as prof. Taylor stated “the simplest logos are the best logos.”

  2. I really like your logo. It is a clever and elegant design. I appreciate the meaning in the colors you chose. I like the idea of bolding the initials because I think it shows what you find to be the most important element of your logo.

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